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Service Exchange Program

May 05, 2020 at 11:20 AM


Are your glovebox analyzers over 12 months old? Then it's time to think about calibration.

With our unique service exchange program, it is now possible to replace any in-use sensor with a freshly calibrated one very cost effectively and with virtually no downtime.

We even offer drop-in replacements for competitors' glovebox systems, as pictured.

Download Sensors Datasheet

To take advantage of this offer, order a service exchange sensor from Inert. When received, the in-use sensor is removed and replaced with the service exchange sensor. The previous in-use sensor is then returned to Inert for credit. The exchange is fast, efficient and economical.

Check out our Sensor Exchange Program for more information or contact our service team at service@inertcorp.com or +1 978-462-4415