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May 04, 2021 at 2:16 PM

Inert announces merger with Jacomex

French company Jacomex in Dagneux (Ain / Lyon area) and American company Inert in Amesbury (Massachusetts / Boston region) have signed an agreement to form a new group that offers customers a wider range of services, gloveboxes, gas purification systems and isolators. Both leaders in their respective regions, the agreement promises to create operational synergies and accelerated innovation that will benefit the worldwide market for containment and controlled atmosphere protection.

About the Market

Internationalization has had a positive impact on all sectors of industry and gloveboxes are no exception. The market is still extremely dynamic, with some players standing out for their quality, expertise and technical strength. This is particularly true of both Inert and Jacomex who are among the world's top gloveboxes and gas purification manufacturers. Both companies also foster a culture that instills passion for a job well done. The adage "alone I go faster, together we go further" has never been more appropriate.

Inert and Jacomex Two companies, individual strengths, common mission.

Two companies, individual strengths, common mission.

Inert has unparalleled technical expertise in solvent purifiers, crucial for the safety of chemical laboratories, pure gas management and purification systems, glove boxes used in thin film deposition techniques (OLEDs, organic photovoltaics, semiconductors, nanotechnologies, lithium batteries, etc.) and additive manufacturing –including the secure management of powders. Inert has a strong presence and command in the industrial and research communities on the American continent and internationally.

Jacomex has built a strong reputation for decades in the nuclear sector thanks to its expert precision, exceptional stainless steel boiler making, and the safety of its glove boxes for the operator’s protection. It regularly supplies isolators in the pharmaceutical and medical sector, and specializes in highly controlled and regulated atmospheres in glove boxes for chemistry, physics and biotechnology. Long-standing experience in the advanced industrial and titanium welding sectors has resulted in acute knowledge of the scientific world -with excellent coverage of the European and Indian market.

Economies of scale

Thanks to this synergy, the partnership will consolidate and increase market share. The two entities will pool their strengths and further develop their business on 5 continents and at least 80 countries. A total workforce of 70 employees and no less than 300 projects produced annually ensures a turnover of $18M should be quickly exceeded.

Synergistic corporate cultures

Inert and Jacomex have solidified their respective leadership positions by emphasizing product quality, technical expertise, flexibility, and customer service. Both companies attribute their success to a corporate culture that recognizes their incredibly talented employees, values team cohesion, and rewards a passion for excellence for every job from start to finish. These common values and culture will ensure smooth exchanges, seamless integrations, and operational synergies. They will also ensure a continuation of their common mission: to produce the highest quality products with unmatched levels of reliability and safety. We are proud of this important moment in the world of gloveboxes and gas purification systems!

For more information, please visit https://www.jacomex.fr - https://www.inertcorp.com/


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