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Inert Gas Purification – An Inherently Less Costly Approach

August 05, 2020 at 8:15 PM

Some research labs and automated manufacturing processes require a dry environment to avoid the variables of Oxygen and moisture effects on their process. Inert Gas Purifiers removes oxygen & moisture from the Inert gases to provide a safe environment. In addition, many automated manufacturing processes require a particle-free, non-reactive, inert atmosphere; argon or nitrogen gases create the ideal, non-volatile environment for working with air-sensitive materials. Since oxygen and moisture are the enemies, the goal is to remove these from the enclosure. Traditional methods require constant purging by continually pumping an inert gas, such as nitrogen or argon, into an enclosure to displace oxygen and moisture. However, in many factories argon and nitrogen gas consumption is a notable expense, which you can significantly reduce using an automated gas purifier solution. As gas monitoring controls and purification requirements have evolved, so too have the gas solutions that enable it.

Advancements in gas monitoring and control systems significantly reduce the need to maintain previous volumes of supply gases to provide an ultimately pure environment. The latest innovations in gas recycling reduce the amount of consumed gas needed in the manufacturing processes by actively filtering it to remove unwanted O2 and H2O. These innovations continuously recycling the argon or nitrogen gas to return it to a pure form with detrimental molecules removed.

When you purge an enclosure, the atmosphere within can achieve only the O2 and H2O levels that are present in the source gas. Purging a box can be very expensive depending on its volume and the gas you are using. When you use a closed loop circulation purifier, the supply gas does not have to be pure. It is the purifier’s job to remove O2 and H2O in the gas to 1ppm. Automated gas purifying systems provide systematic control and use gases only when transferring in and out of the glove box. The cost savings are significant. When integrated with a hermetically sealed enclosure, argon and nitrogen gas recycling systems reclaim approximately 98% of the gas.

A complete gas management system provides real-time quality reporting, consumes far less argon gas, and reaches, and consistently maintains, an optimal manufacturing environment. In addition to being more efficient, a gas management system may also reduce the number of potential machine failure modes and enhance the automation capability of the entire production process.

Each Gas Purification System from Inert is designed as a discrete unit that can be integrated with Inert Glove Boxes or third-party glove box systems and enclosures. With average use, an Inert Gas Management System pays for itself in just a few years. The payback is clear.

Learn more about our approach here: www.inerttechnology.com/gas-management-systems/