Inert to Exhibit New PowderShield Enclosure and other Additive Manufacturing Solutions at TCT 2017

September 12, 2017 at 10:10 PM

2017_Inert_PR_De-Powdering Enclosure-2.jpg

Supporting the acceleration of Additive Manufacturing, Inert is proud to be an exhibitor at the TCT Show in Birmingham, UK, September 26 through 28th. Inert representatives will be available at Stand G44 in Hall 3 to share about their recently upgraded PowderShield de-powdering enclosure with argon gas management system. The PowderShield system is specifically designed to protect operators from unhealthy exposure during post processing, prevent atmospheric contamination of metal powder, and reclaim them for reuse. Inert’s PowderShield aids in the post-build additive manufacturing process by enabling the safe collection of excess metal powders from printed parts, effectively saving money and reducing waste.

Furthermore, an Inert Gas Management System with argon gas avoids contamination from oxygen, moisture, dust, or organic matter. These waste reduction and safety technologies also keep airborne powder particulates within a controlled atmosphere, which eliminates user health risks, damage to area electronics, and fire hazards related to the combustibility of reactive powders. In partnership with Sievgen (www.sievgen.com), and leveraging an LPW (www.lpwtechnology.com/) PowderTrace hopper and print from Sintavia (www.sintavia.com/), Inert will be demoing their PowderShield de-powdering solutions with a Sievgen 04 automated sieving station at Inert’s booth during the TCT Show 2017. This optimized combination of technologies allows users to safely work with, weigh and measure, reclaim, and transfer metal and non-metal powders.

Learn more about Inert’s additive manufacturing enclosures, gas management systems, and powder containment options in our PowderShield and Argon Management Guide.