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Four Important Factors to Consider When Selecting Oxygen and Moisture Sensors for GloveBox Workstations

September 22, 2020 at 5:01 PM

There’s one thing all glovebox workstations require – parts per million oxygen and moisture levels. When deciding what kind of an analyzer is necessary for your environment there are a few questions that must be answered.

Here are four important variables to evaluate when evaluating Oxygen and Moisture Sensors:

  • Accuracy
  • Gas Impurities
  • Measurement Values
  • Maintenance

Here’s how Inert handles these factors:

You need a analyzer that is reliable with a accuracy of ±0.2ppm from 0-10 ppm even with impurities in the gas stream. Our Fuel cell O2 analyzer aren’t effected by solvent vapors in the environment. Each inert application is different, that is why we offer a variety of measurement ranges. From %, to ppm or Dew point. Typically, most moisture analyzers are required to be cleaned every 3 months to make sure they are operating correctly. With Inert, this level of maintenance is not necessary. You can reduce cost and save money when you participate in our yearly sensor exchange program.

For such a critical function, it makes sense to invest in the correct sensor for your system. Inert Corporation provides a range of premium oxygen and moisture analyzers that can be installed on any glovebox or gas management system. Read about the Inert Oxygen and Moisture Sensors available here

The Inert sensor exchange program provides a simple solution for the calibration of your sensor. We will provide a new calibrated sensor that will be used as the replacement for the sensor attached to your glovebox. After installing the replacement sensor, you simply return the original sensor to Inert. Plus, Inert Corp also offers a wide variety of optional accessories and support services that meet the requirements of any glovebox or gas management system installation. Learn more about the Inert sensor exchange program or please contact our service department at