Hermetic Enclosures for Additive Manufacturing


Inert's custom glovebox systems are tailored to meet our varied manufacturing customers' needs.

Our Glovebox Systems are developed and manufactured for 3D printing processes that require air-free (O2) and water-free (H2O) conditions. We routinely deliver both small manufacturing glove box enclosures and custom engineered inert atmosphere chambers the size of small rooms. Among glove box manufacturers, we stand out with our superior quality, design capabilities, and service to the AM industry.


Our glove boxes are designed around a modular platform that allows rapid delivery and provides customers the ability to expand existing cells with new enclosures to meet increasing workflow requirements easily. They also empower users and production managers to have ultimate control over the chamber's inner atmosphere and the working conditions in and around the enclosure at-large. 





Inert enclosures that work in tandom with gas management systems protect the operator, and the printing process.


The presence of argon gas is a consistent condition needing managing and monitoring to protect the additive manufacturing process. Inert's latest Argon Management Systems and hermetic enclosures create the perfect additive manufacturing environment. 


Inert Gas Management Systems and glove boxes can be integrated with customized enclosures and OEM tools for unique additive manufacturing solutions.

Custom and Standard Antechamber Options


Inert offers a variety of antechamber options and configurations for all our glovebox systems, including both cylindrical and rectangular configurations. Antechamber options include:

Auto doors

Lock Outs

Auto Antechamber Controls

Roller Transfers

Process Oven Upgrades

Vacuum Pumps - dry and oil

Safety, Traceability, and Savings


Precise environments for the perfection of your 3D printed products.


We invite you to develop a glovebox enclosure or hermetically sealed system with us featuring closed-loop recirculation of your argon gas.


We are Inert.





2GB Glovebox System

2000 mm Wide x 1067 mm Deep x 1921 mm High

3GB Glovebox System

2315 mm Wide x 1067 mm Deep x 1921 mm High

4GB 1800 Glovebox System

2595 mm Wide x 1067 mm Deep x 1921 mm High

4GB 1950 Glovebox System

2741 mm Wide x 1067 mm Deep x 1921 mm High

4GB 2500 Glovebox System

3218 mm Wide x 1067 mm Deep x 1921 mm High

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