PureSolv Micro Single Unit

Solvent Purification System


The PureSolv Micro Solvent Purification System is designed as both an economic and space-friendly alternative to the larger more traditional free-standing units, common on the market today. Using the same proven design as the Inert PureSolv MD system; the PureSolv Micro is perfect for the researcher with modest requirements for a single anhydrous solvent who prefers the convenience of having a dedicated solvent drying and dispensing station. No longer do you have to share; now you can have your own.


Inert has designed this system based on the same concept as our larger capacity PureSolv MD Solvent Purification SystemThe PureSolv Micro has been packaged so that it can be placed on a bench top, inside a fume hood or flammable cabinet as desired by the researcher in charge.


The PureSolv Micro dispensing system facilitates proper air-free dispensing techniques using our integrated gas and vacuum manifold system.


The PureSolv Micro includes customer's choice of 24/40, 14/20, 29/32 stainless steel glassware adaptors as standard. Also choose from our other types of custom connections such as Luer lock needle valves, ball joints, and quick disconnect glass adaptors for added flexibility. Each available upon request.


Small capacity 4 liter reservoirs include custom designed, leak tight clamp style cap and Swagelok quick disconnect valves for easy handling and refilling.


PureSolv Micro is bonded and grounded to remove hazards associated with electro static discharge and ensure a safe operating environment.


The PureSolv Micro Solvent Purification System arrives fully assembled and activated with ready to dry solvent. Affordable, activated replacement columns can be shipped out to you next day as required.


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Single Unit System

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Modular benchtop design  
System dimensions 11.9" (302.3 mm) Wide x 17.3" (439.4 mm) Deep x 22.3 (566.4 mm) High
Enclosure Epoxy powder-coated steel
  RAL 9001


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Vacuum connection Stainless steel hose barb
Inert gas connection 1/4" stainless steel compression fitting
Tubing 304 stainless 
Fittings 316 stainless steel compression 
Main system pressure relief  7 psi
Electrical ground Copper cable

Drip Tray

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Epoxy powder-coated steel
6.0" (152.4 mm) Wide x 6.0" (152.4 mm) Deep x 1.0" (25.4 mm) High
RAL 9001

Solvent Reservoir

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304 stainless steel
4L volume
2" Sanitary flange for refilling


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Quick disconnect fitting


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Quick disconnect fitting

Solvent Transfer Line

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Quick disconnect fitting


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Valve bracket 304 stainless steel
Evacuate/refill/dispense 5-way valve for ease of use and safety
  Eliminates possibility of dispensing solvent into the vacuum pump
Solvent metering valve Stainless steel needle valve
Collection flask inert gas refill Individual low pressure regulator
  7 psi pressure relief valve
  Check valve 
Collection flask conection joint Stainless steel 24/40 is standard
  Other sizes available

Single Purifying Column Design

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Drying column 2.5" (63.5 mm) OD x 7.0" (177.8 mm) L
  Internal Volume = 0.5L
Inlet/outlet valves 3-way 1/4" stainless steel 
  Allows easy troubleshooting
Drying capacity 80L based on HPLC grade solvent


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1/4" 304 stainless steel piping

Particle Filter

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Stainless steel, 7 micron 

Vacuum Pump

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Vacuum pump Solid Teflon and Kalrez for maximum solvent compatibility
Pumping speed 20L/min
Ultimate vacuum 6 Torr

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