Argon-20 Gas Management System

24/7 operation of enclosures up to 24m3


Inert's Argon-20 quad column Gas Management Systems is equipped with four high-capacity purification columns, 0-185 CFM variable speed blower and 3-inch diameter gas loop for increased flow rate of inert gas. This Gas Management System is perfect for high throughput or large enclosures that require a < 1ppm O2 and H2O inert atmosphere.


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  Regenerable Purification Coulmn Dual Regenerable Purification Coulmn Quad Regenerable Purification Column Large Capacity Solvent Removal Regenerable Large Capacity Solvent Removal Max Enclosure Volume
Regenerable Purifying Column: Single purifier column containing oxygen and moisture removing materials. When the purifier material becomes saturated it must be regenerated. During regeneration the enclosure is isolated form the purifier so no oxygen and moisture removal occurs.
Dual Regenerable Purifying Column: Dual purifier design. One purifier column is removing oxygen and moisture from the atmosphere whilst the second purifier column is being regenerated.
Quad Regenerable Purifying Column: 2 pairs of purifier columns. Each pair of columns is removing oxygen and moisture whilst the other pair is being regenerated.
Large Capacity Solvent Removal: Contains activated carbon. Carbon must be replaced when saturated.
Regenerable Large Capacity Solvent Removal: Contains Molecular Sieve. Solvent trapped in the sieve can be removed by the regeneration process.


Dual purifier channel allows 24/7 operation Closed loop recirculation
Piping and fittings 304 stainless steel
Circulation piping 80 mm diameter with DN 80 ISO-KF flanges for easy connection to customer enclosure
External dimensions 73" (1854 mm) Wide x 50" (1270 mm) Deep x 62" (1575 mm) High
External surfaces RAL 7035
Internal Features
Internal cooling fans  
Interior LED for maintenance  
Purity Level
< 1ppm O2 and 2O Purity Level
O2 capacity = 217 L per purifier column
H2O capacity = 9000 g per purifier column
Column Valves
Automated purifier column valves Interlocked with the blower. Blower will not run if the valves fail to open
Circulation Blower
Variable speed circulation blower 120 cfm max flow rate blower
Max flow rate through purifier column 60 cfm (101 m3/h)
Max flow rate = 60 cfm (101 m3/h)
PLC Control
6" color touch screen  
Trending screen Pressure, O2 and H2O value is logged for 24 hours
Pressure Control
Automatic pressure control (+/- 15 mbar)
Manual pressure control Footswitch
Regeneration Sequence
Automatic blower restart after regeneration  
Purge valve O2 level, timer or manually controlled
Vacuum pump 22 cfm (38 m3/h) rotary vane pump with oil mist eliminator & oil return kit
Eco Mode Features
Vacuum pump timer Energy reduction shuts pump off
Automated blower speed control O2 level adjusts blower speed
Component Cycle Data
Component cycle data Vacuum pump, column usage, blower usage
System Gas Requirements
Working gas 3 99.995% Ar
Working gas pressure 55 psi (3.8 bar)
working gas flow rate 250 l/min
Regeneration gas 3-7% H2, balance Ar
Regeneration gas pressure 5-7 psi (0.3-0.5 bar)
Regeneration gas flow rate 30 l/min

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