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May News at Inert

May 14, 2018 at 10:20 AM

- Rapid 2018 was an exciting display of additive manufacturing progress! We were in Fort Worth, TX with our PowderShield, Argon Management, and Powder Filtration systems exhibiting alongside 3D printers, powder and material suppliers, and other cutting edge developments in 3D printing.


- Inert completed a custom welding glovebox enclosure with some interesting features, including 6 gloves with external gloveport covers, a custom end panel, and sliding weld shield window to protect the operator.


- We have a new blog up about a recent visit by our Service Manager Kevin Michael to the Macromolecular Materials Group (MMG) at Drexel University in Philadelphia

GRP PHOTO_2017-08-16-09-16-59_DSC_0475.png

Read about it here

- A recent installation at Boston University upgraded an impressive multi-chamber PureLab system, with integration by our partners at Angstrom Engineering.