argon management for additive manufacturing

10 ppm just isn't sufficient. Inert's Argon Management Systems create <1 ppm atmospheres.

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Looking for ways to save on gas and materials, and to address increasing safety and traceability issues? Learn how easy they are to deliver with a new bolt-on Argon Management System from Inert.


Inert's advanced systems easily integrate with various-sized enclosures to safely purify and recirculate Argon (or Nitrogen) upgrading your process while reducing your current overall consumption.


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Additive Manufacturers know the importance of maintaining a < 1 ppm O2 and H2O environment.

Inert's argon management systems can be found around the world monitoring and controlling the atmospheres for the leading companies working with titanium. These companies know that constant purging is not an acceptable solution to maintaining an inert atmosphere. As additive manufacturing is adopted more and more by the aerospace and medical industries, only the safest and strictest argon gas management systems offer the efficiency, safety, and traceability that result in structurally solid titanium parts. 


Titanium has three hurdles to overcome in an inert atmosphere: oxidization, nitriding, and dissolved oxygen. Oxidization is most prevalent at O2 levels of > 1000 ppm, with nitriding occurring at nitrogen levels in a similar magnitude of concentration. However, dissolved Oxygen can happen at all levels above 0 ppm, and is most prevalent at 5 ppm and higher. Some assume that their process is running at low ppm levels when in fact their powders (exposed to residual heat) are absorbing these elements. This is why it is critical to maintain a < 1 ppm O2 and H2O process concentration.


Inert's argon management systems are designed to be modular solutions that are easily added to existing equipment, improving cost savings and end results. 


Watch our Argon Management video to see how they work and how easy the PLC is to work with.
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The payback is clear. When integrated with a hermetically sealed enclosure, these Argon and Nitrogen systems will reclaim approximately 98% of the gas. With average use an Inert Gas Management System can justifiably pay for itself in just a few years.



The repercussions of an improperly managed atmosphere are literally explosive. An Argon or Nitrogen Gas Management System provides systematic and automated control over atmospheric conditions to help eliminate catastrophic events.



Many Q/A processes require the documentation of atmospheric conditions during production. A Gas Management System offers a simple and effective way to register and record the levels of oxygen and moisture.

Argon Gas Management Systems for Additive Manufacturers


management for enclosures up to 6m3


24/7 operation of enclosures up to 6m3


24/7 operation of enclosures up to 12m3


24/7 operation of enclosures up to 24m3