Polyurethane-Hypalon Dry Box Gloves


The gauntlet is made of two different and inseparable layers: Polyurethane and Chlorosulphonated Polyethylene CSM (Hypalon™).


  • Polyurethane provides safety against mechanical risks of tear strength, perforation and breaking. The grade of Polyurethane used to manufacture this gauntlet has been chosen for its high mechanical properties and low modulus.
  • Hypalon™, with its exceptional chemical resistance to ozone aging and acid and alkali products, protects the gauntlet from potential chemical hazards handled inside the glovebox.


Resistance Against Thermally Accelerated Aging

According to NF T 46-004 norm:


  • Tensile strength: < 30%
  • Elongation at break: < 30%


Resistance Against Various Chemical Agents

After contact with liquids for 72 hours at 23°C:


  D % / initial value of the tensile strength D % / initial value of the elongation at break
Ammonia 32% < 25% < 30%
Hydrochloric acid 33% < 25% < 30%
Sodium hydroxide 40% < 25% < 30%
Nitric acid 13M < 25% < 30%


Handling Advice



It is essential to fit up the gauntlet on the glovebox with the chemically resistant layer of the sleeve (white Hypalon™) towards the inside of the glovebox and the mechanical resistance layer (blue Polyurethane) towards the operator.


This gauntlet is particularly recommended for:


  • Concentrated hydrochloric acid
  • Nitric acid 13 N
  • Ammonia 32%
  • Sodium hydroxide 40%


It is also suitable for handling chemical products such as:


  • Alcohols
  • Low molecular weight petrol as far as pentane
  • Edible oils
  • Mineral oils


It allows to operate in high oxidizing environment including ozone, active oxygen and/or free radicals. Resistance against natural aging and ultraviolet rays is excellent. Hypalon provides a good flame resistance to this gauntlet.


This gauntlet is not suitable for handling:


  • Aromatic solvents
  • Chlorinated solvents
  • High molecular weight petrol from hexane
  • Plasticisers (types TBP)

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