Polyurethane Dry Box Gloves


The Polyurethane Glove features:


  • Extremely high mechanical properties
  • High protective abrasion
  • Tear resistance
  • Good resistance to ozone
  • Natural aging
  • Aliphatic solvents


We highly recommend this glove in the industries where extremely high mechanical properties are required.


Suitable for: Nuclear Industries


The Polyurethane Glove is Available In:


PORT (Inches) HAND (Size) THICKNESS (Mil.) LENGTH (Inches)
6" 8/9/10, Ambi+L/R 15/30 32"
8" 8/9/10, Ambi+L/R 15/30 32"
10" 9.5, Ambi+L/R 15/30 32"


How to Order the Polyurethane Glove

Example: 8U1532-10

8 = Cuff Diameter
U = Material
15 = Thickness
32 = Length
10 = Hand Size

Polyurethane Dry Box Gloves Options

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