HexArmor OverGlove 508


When sharps tools and wear surfaces are present in a glovebox operation, operators should protect the glovebox gloves as if they were a second skin. Protect your second skin with the HexArmor OverGlove. The HexArmor OverGlove protects your second skin and extends the life of the glovebox glove by significantly reducing potential breaches.


The HexArmor OverGlove (HOG) has been designed and developed by glovebox operators and technical specialists to fit over the glovebox glove and provide the highest level of cut, wear, and puncture protection from the fingertip to the middle of the wrist with great ergonomic comfort. The leather overlaid palm provides necessary grip for glass and smooth metals.


Item Number: HOG0508




  • Highest level cut resistance—ISEA Level 5
  • Full coverage puncture protection from wires, metal and glass
  • Leather covering over palm and fingers for secure grip and extended durability
  • Extended gauntlet cuff and double layer protection over back of hand for great resistance against sharps and wear
  • HOG PPA Velcro system* attaches to Polyurethane-Hypalon underglove


Product Uses


  • Long glovebox applications
  • Glovebox operations
  • General work




  • Cut resistant
  • Puncture resistant
  • Abrasion resistant


NOTE: HexArmor products are cut and puncture resistant, not cut and puncture proof. Do not use with moving or serrated blades or tools. Always perform a safety test before using products for hazardous applications.

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